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The Student's Day

studentsdayEngagement. Learning to ask questions, learning to answer questions, and most important, learning to ask “is this the right question?” Our school day is filled with independent and group work, with facts and skills, and with time to play, to create, and to explore.

Before School Care program

Before School Care is offered every school day morning beginning at 8 a.m.



A Typical School Day

The class schedule is posted each day in each classroom. Children become adept at reading the schedule and knowing what is planned next. Teachers carefully construct the daily schedule to provide a balance of work and play, group work and individual work, structured activities and unstructured time.



Whole Child Approach to Learning

The whole child approach to learning encompasses a child’s academic, social, and emotional life. As educators, we know that for children to freely and openly engage in academic inquiry—including demonstrating intellectual curiosity, collaborating with others, and taking intellectual risks as they explore new concepts—their social and emotional selves must also be taken care of. A child whose feelings are hurt may not be able to focus on learning a particular math skill.



Democracy in Action

Because the progressive philosophy is dedicated to creating active participants in democratic society, we incorporate many democratic practices into the daily life of the school. For example, each classroom engages in some type of group meeting in which students can bring up topics that they feel should be discussed by the entire class. These meetings are led by a student leader, with each child having the opportunity to run a meeting at some point during the year.



After School Program - Kids Project

Kids Project, our after school program, is an outreach program of Chicago Danztheater Ensemble, an arts and theatre-based performance company.


"Teach the young people how to think, not what to think."
Sidney Sugarman

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