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philosophyInquiry. Excitement. Integrity. These are hallmarks of an education at The Children’s School. We work every day to honor children’s voices, to demonstrate the joy in learning, and to advance each student in his or her abilities and skills. Read on to learn what makes us unique and our hopes for each child as a learner, and as an individual.

Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs steer our approach to teaching and learning for all children. These themes are expressed daily in each classroom, and form the foundation on which our program is built.



What Makes The Children's School Unique

We, at The Children’s School, are dedicated to teaching in the philosophy of progressive education.  On a daily basis, our faculty work with the children to challenge them academically, support their social and emotional development, and celebrate their accomplishments. We implement a diverse curriculum and encourage each child to develop their intellectual curiosity each day.



Progressive Education

Progressive Education is based on the principle, espoused by John Dewey and others, that education must prepare students for active participation in a democratic, global society. Thus the focus is on raising critical thinkers and inquirers who are active rather than passive learners. The teacher’s job is to nurture and support children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn, fostering internal motivation rather than reliance on external rewards.



How Children Learn

At The Children’s School, we believe that children learn best in a child-centered, unpressured environment that allows each child’s development to unfold at its own pace. Children learn through play and through their interactions with the world around them. They learn best by doing rather than just listening to explanations of how to do something. And children learn from patient, thoughtful scaffolding – revisiting essential ideas over time and at different developmental levels in order to build new layers of complexity onto their existing knowledge.



Our Hopes for Each Child / Grade Level Curricular Goals

In our day-to-day work with children, we strive to advance each student’s growth on multiple levels, including academic, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and as a creative and confident citizen of the world. Here we offer you our Grade Level Curricular Goals for each grade, Kindergarten - 8th grade.



Diversity Statement

The current Diversity Statement was adopted in January 2011 and is reviewed periodically both by the Diversity Committee and the Board of Directors.  The Committee also works with the faculty throughout the school year to provide classroom and all-school resources.


"True education… is at once a fulfillment and a spur; always at the goal and never stopping to rest, it is a journey in the infinite, a participation in the movement of the universe, a living in timelessness. Its purpose is not to enhance particular abilities; rather, it helps us to give meaning to our lives, to interpret the past, to be fearless and open toward the future."
Hermann Hesse

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