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How Children Learn

At The Children’s School, we believe that children learn best in a child-centered, unpressured environment that allows each child’s development to unfold at its own pace. Children learn through play and through their interactions with the world around them. They learn howchildrenlearnbest by doing rather than just listening to explanations of how to do something. And children learn from patient, thoughtful scaffolding – revisiting essential ideas over time and at different developmental levels in order to build new layers of complexity onto their existing knowledge.

Teachers tap into children’s innate curiosity about the world to create curriculum around topics of interest. The project approach allows teachers to weave curricular goals and skill development into a large-scale, hands-on experience. For example, in a classroom studying Native Americans, children might use math skills to measure and build a teepee, listen to a novel such as The Birchbark House to learn about the life of an Ojibwa girl in Wisconsin in the 1800’s, and research traditional foods of the Native Americans in order to prepare for a class feast. This approach to learning is very exciting for children as well as for teachers. It fosters deep understanding as topics are explored through multiple lenses and in a context that is meaningful to children.


"The marvelous thing about learning style is that every teacher can help to provide a warm prevailing breeze to lift all those “kites” and help them soar. Sometimes the strings may get tangled up, but now we can understand how a little more dimension and space can keep them free and flying."
Emilie Piper

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