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Our program does not overburden children with homework for the sake of homework. We feel that it is vital that children have time after school and on weekends to play with peers and to enjoy the outdoors and other activities. Research indicates that there homeworkis little correlation between the amount of homework given in elementary schools and student achievement rates.

Our hope is that children will extend the conversations they have at school to the family time at home and over dinner. We want children to read, write, and problem-solve at home and to use information-gathering and critical-thinking skills in their daily lives. We ask parents to create a quiet space for their child to work on school projects and to assist only as needed.

Homework at The Children’s School is designed to supplement, reinforce, and continue the work of the classroom in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate manner. By third and fourth grades, students may be conducting research at home and preparing for class presentations. Fifth graders may have multiple assignments throughout any given week, including vocabulary words, math work, and discussion preparation for shared reading projects. We want children to have the tools of good study habits without being burdened by a large quantity of work to be completed.


"When the school introduces and trains each child of society into membership within a little community, saturating him with the spirit of service, and providing him with the instruments of self direction, we shall have the deepest and best guarantee of a larger society which is worthy and harmonious."
John Dewey

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